HowTo Install iStat in FreeBSD for Server Monitoring

iStats for iPhone can be used to remotely monitor your Mac or Mac server. See your iPhone’s stats for battery, memory, disk space, Wi-Fi and Cell IP addresses, uptime & load averages.
No only you can monitor you Mac, but also for other OS (Linux, Solaris & FreeBSD) as well. Assuming you’ve download the iStats app from iTunes App Store, here’s how you can access and monitor your FreeBSD server via these simple steps.
  1. Download the file here (
  2. tar -vxzf istatsd-0.5.7.tar.gz #uncompress the package assuming you’ve downloaded iStats version 0.5.7
  3. cd istatd-0.5.7 #go into the uncompressed directory
  4. ./configure #start compiling
  5. make
  6. make install
  7. mkdir -p /var/{run,cache}/istat
  8. adduser istat #add user istat
  9. chown istat:istat /var/{run,cache}/istat #set permission of user & group for the created folder
  10. vi /etc/istat.conf #remember to change the server code (your password to access iStat)
  11. /usr/local/bin/istatd -d #start the iStat as daemon

P/S : The service is listening on port 5190 so please make sure the firewall allows it.

Official Site :
More info :

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