Cycle Asia KL 2015

Kayuhan mencabar diri disebabkan daftar tanpa rider STC yang lain. Fee penyertaan yang overpriced tapi sebab nak mencuba, layankan aje. Format kayuhan 4 lap (1 lap bersamaan 12km). Disebabkan faktor cuaca yang hujan dari mula (6 pagi), organizer terpaksa pendekkan masa dan ada yang cuma sempat 3 lap saja (ada yang tak puas hati sebab tak sempat). Timing chip hancur (kualiti rendah, kertas tak ber laminate) menyebabkan rekod rasmi kayuhan tak dikira (rekod ada pada Strava & Garmin Connect). Verdict, berjaya juga redah 48km dengan Boardman bertayarkan saiz 2.2. Memang orang kata penat tapi aku anggap event ni cuma sebagai training. Kalau nak dikira berbaloi, pada aku berbaloi dari segi peluang merempit dalam hujan di tengah Kuala Lumpur dan pengalaman event ni tak dapat dicari di event lain. Boleh join lagi next year.

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Milk’s Benefits for Fit Guys

Got milk? If you’re trying to put on muscle, you better. Whole milk was once a staple for guys who were packing away calories and moving massive amounts of iron in order to go from pencil neck to bull neck. These days we know enough to shun or restrict the saturated-fat-filled whole variety in favor of skim, but even the fat-free version has its detractors. Some claims against milk link it to childhood diabetes, while others allege widespread pesticide contamination of dairy products. (more…)

GoPro Hero Photography Tips

The GoPro can be an incredible resource for the active photographer. But you don’t have to be an astronaut or adventure seeker to make the most of what this wide angle wonder can do.

Keep these GoPro Hero photography tips in mind and you can create some pretty amazing pictures with very little effort.

GoPro Hero Photography Tips:

  • Be aware that in bright day light conditions the sky can easily be overexposed. Keep this in mind and compose your shot with minimal sky to avoid large white areas in your pictures. Or, expose more for the sky but know that what lies beneath may be underexposed.
  • When using the GoPro as a street camera you probably don’t want to put it in any of its many casings and accessories because the additional bulk that stuff creates will negate the fact that the camera is small and inconspicuous. That said, if it’s raining, put your GoPro in its water-proof case and shoot with confidence knowing that your camera is well protected.
  • Forget zooming in. Using your GoPro on the street will force you to get closer to your subject. You’ll be surprised how close you can (and need to) get to your subject with the GoPro.
  • When taking pictures of people, a good rule of thumb is to stay arms-length away. If you get closer than that the fish eye lens will distort people’s faces. But that can be a fun thing too.
  • Because the GoPro has such a wide angle watch your fingers and toes to make sure they don’t accidentally end up in the shot. Assume anything in front of the camera is within the GoPro’s frame.
  • On a similar note, pay close attention to your shadow during the morning and evening hours when shadows are long. If you are not careful, your shadow will easily be captured by your GoPro.
  • The GoPro is great for landscape photography. Try to keep the horizon line in the center of the frame to avoid showing the curvature of the Earth.
  • You will not be able to control the exposure for your pictures. Everything is automatic with the GoPro.
  • When you are shooting with a naked GoPro keep in mind that the lens is exposed. Keep it clean.

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Cycling Technique : Standing Climbing

An understanding of technique and how to use your strength are critical if you want to climb effectively out of the saddle.

Even more costly on the cardiovascular system than seated climbing, a standing climb uses more muscle groups and requires a fit and functional core if you are going to effectively transfer power from your upper to lower body and vice versa. Aside from sprinting, it is the most ‘whole body’ form of exercise on the bike for cyclists. (more…)

USIM MTB Jamboree 2015

Well organised jamboree. Jumlah penyertaan dihadkan kepada 500++ peserta. Kudos kepada USIM kerana pengurusan yang teratur dan tidak bercelaru. Signage jelas, Check Point (CP) di setiap 10km. Medic ada di mana2 (ada stop untuk riders yang nak medic spray betis yang cramp). Briefing pun jelas dan mudah difahami. Makanan & minuman cukup. Tarmac dan offroad trail yang mantap. Puas climbing uphill, rolling downhill.
Kali ni cuba push lebih lagi utk enjoy climbing & downhill disebabkan baru tukar wheelset Circus Monkey dan hasilnya amat memuaskan. Pelaburan upgrade wheelset yang berbaloi. Cuma masih takut-takut sekali sekala masa downhill akibat trauma accident tahun lepas. Dan masalah untuk maintain momentum climbing bila lalu single trail dan rider di depan terlalu perlahan, jadi off balance untuk elak pergeselan dan terpaksa tolak untuk naik. Harap dapat kekalkan momentum dan fitness level.

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Training Effect

Training Effect Guides You for Effective Exercise

Training Effect is a personalized measure to gauge the effect of exercise on aerobic fitness on a scale from 1.0 to 5.0. It helps to see how easy or hard your workouts are by visualizing the effect of the workout automatically, already in real-time. Simply start your workout, exercise freely as you like and stop when satisfied with the result. Based on the results, it is easy to understand the actual effects of your workouts to make sure you are performing the workouts optimally and not too easy or too hard.