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Schwalbe Rocket Ron (Grip) vs Racing Ralph (Speed)

September 9, 2015 — by NeoTech0


For our tyre test we have used two bikes, two riders and two sets of Schwalbe tyres: Rocket Ron and Racing Ralph in 29 x 2.25” – one bike set up with Ralphs, the other with Rons to match the preferences of our riders.

The two tyres are not completely different – standing beside each other in Schwalbe’s line-up – with Racing Ralph being a faster roller due to its lower and more dense tread and Rocket Ron providing more grip due to its bigger knobs. The choice between them depends mainly on your riding style and personal preference with a mix of Ron at the front and Ralph at the back being an often-seen set up.

we covered over 66 hours and 800km of racing and we didn’t get any punctures on either the Racing Ralphs or the Rocket Rons

Rocket Ron is a favourite all-round tyre, they are very versatile and deliver excellent grip across a wide range of surfaces: hard-packed roads, gravel, leaves, mud, sand, roots or rocks. In wet muddy conditions, the big gaps between the knobs let the mud slide through while the thread bites into the trail. When cornering, the pronounced side knobs prevent the wheels from sliding away from under you.

Racing Ralphs give you slightly less grip on the corners because of its less aggressive thread, but for the same reason they roll faster so it’s up to you to decide what features you need most – grip (Ron) vs speed (Ralph).

We were also happy with how easy it was to set them tubeless. We paired them with Stan’s NoTubes wheels (Crest and Gold Race) – two scoops of the NoTubes sealant, a track pump and 5 minutes later they were ready to hit the trails.

Both tyres use Schwalbe’s Snakeskin technology: additional rubber applied to the sidewalls of the tyre protecting it from being cut by sharp rocks. The Snakeskin adds approx. 40-50g per tyre but our testing terrain was particularly rough so we decided not to take a chance and to go for this extra protection.

We tested them at the Andalucia Bike Race – a 6-day stage race through sharp Spanish rocks claiming countless victims of flats and torn tyres (I remember those riders standing on the side of the road, holding their wheels, asking every passing rider “Spare tyre? Anyone have a spare tyre?”). Together we covered over 66 hours and 800km of racing and we didn’t get any punctures on either Racing Ralph or Rocker Ron, only a few scratches on the side walls but these were merely cosmetic. We rode through dust, mud, rivers, grass, dirt roads, loose sand, snow, slippy rock slabs and canyons paved with sharp rocks – in all conditions the tyres did their job well providing all the grip needed. Needless to say we were delighted with their performance and reliability and we’re sticking with Schwalbe for the 2014 season. In the UK, we’ll be going for the Rocket Ron on wet and muddy days, or courses which are known to be slippery, where an advantage can be gained with a more aggressive tyre choice, while the Racing Ralphs will be used on dry days where speed rules.

Weight: Racing Ralph: 636g , Rocket Ron: 621g, however it can vary slightly from tyre to tyre. The non-Snakeskin, Pace Star, version  is 40-50g lighter.


Both Racing Ralph and Rocket Ron performed flawlessly, providing a lot of grip in various conditions and rolling fast. They are easy to set up tubeless and the Snakeskin technology protects the tyres from cuts on sharp rocks. Relatively low-weight, they are one of the top MTB tyres available on the market.

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Cycle Asia KL 2015

June 18, 2015 — by NeoTech0


Kayuhan mencabar diri disebabkan daftar tanpa rider STC yang lain. Fee penyertaan yang overpriced tapi sebab nak mencuba, layankan aje. Format kayuhan 4 lap (1 lap bersamaan 12km). Disebabkan faktor cuaca yang hujan dari mula (6 pagi), organizer terpaksa pendekkan masa dan ada yang cuma sempat 3 lap saja (ada yang tak puas hati sebab tak sempat). Timing chip hancur (kualiti rendah, kertas tak ber laminate) menyebabkan rekod rasmi kayuhan tak dikira (rekod ada pada Strava & Garmin Connect). Verdict, berjaya juga redah 48km dengan Boardman bertayarkan saiz 2.2. Memang orang kata penat tapi aku anggap event ni cuma sebagai training. Kalau nak dikira berbaloi, pada aku berbaloi dari segi peluang merempit dalam hujan di tengah Kuala Lumpur dan pengalaman event ni tak dapat dicari di event lain. Boleh join lagi next year.

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Cycling Technique : Standing Climbing

June 3, 2015 — by NeoTech0


An understanding of technique and how to use your strength are critical if you want to climb effectively out of the saddle.

Even more costly on the cardiovascular system than seated climbing, a standing climb uses more muscle groups and requires a fit and functional core if you are going to effectively transfer power from your upper to lower body and vice versa. Aside from sprinting, it is the most ‘whole body’ form of exercise on the bike for cyclists.


USIM MTB Jamboree 2015

June 3, 2015 — by NeoTech0


Well organised jamboree. Jumlah penyertaan dihadkan kepada 500++ peserta. Kudos kepada USIM kerana pengurusan yang teratur dan tidak bercelaru. Signage jelas, Check Point (CP) di setiap 10km. Medic ada di mana2 (ada stop untuk riders yang nak medic spray betis yang cramp). Briefing pun jelas dan mudah difahami. Makanan & minuman cukup. Tarmac dan offroad trail yang mantap. Puas climbing uphill, rolling downhill.
Kali ni cuba push lebih lagi utk enjoy climbing & downhill disebabkan baru tukar wheelset Circus Monkey dan hasilnya amat memuaskan. Pelaburan upgrade wheelset yang berbaloi. Cuma masih takut-takut sekali sekala masa downhill akibat trauma accident tahun lepas. Dan masalah untuk maintain momentum climbing bila lalu single trail dan rider di depan terlalu perlahan, jadi off balance untuk elak pergeselan dan terpaksa tolak untuk naik. Harap dapat kekalkan momentum dan fitness level.

Screen Shot 2015-06-03 at 2.20.39 PM

HealthSportsTips & TricksWorkout / Training

Training Effect

June 1, 2015 — by NeoTech0

Training Effect Guides You for Effective Exercise

Training Effect is a personalized measure to gauge the effect of exercise on aerobic fitness on a scale from 1.0 to 5.0. It helps to see how easy or hard your workouts are by visualizing the effect of the workout automatically, already in real-time. Simply start your workout, exercise freely as you like and stop when satisfied with the result. Based on the results, it is easy to understand the actual effects of your workouts to make sure you are performing the workouts optimally and not too easy or too hard.


Kayuhan Berprestasi Tinggi Bersama Geng Kayuh Lanun Darat

May 27, 2015 — by NeoTech0


Konon laluan rahsia. Tapi sebenarnya tak tahu nak kayuh ikut route mana (open to suggestion). Hujan mula turun waktu senja dan berhenti 9.30 malam utk mula kayuhan. Akhirnya layan Bukit Puyuh Reverse.
Shifting agak teruk. Maybe sebab proses tukar wheelset Circus Monkey (rim & hub Circus Monkey, spoke DT Swiss) di Sam petang tadi punca RD (rear derailleur) lari sikit.

Route : BM5 – Nilai Impian – Batang Benar – Mantin – Bukit Puyuh – Lenggeng – Jalan Enam Kaki – Batang Benar – BM5


Ronda Rondi Bukit Mahkota

May 22, 2015 — by NeoTech0


Kayuhan berdua (dengan kapten Mamat Gillo) yang agak memenatkan. Walaupun cuma kayuhan keliling Bukit Mahkota tapi disebabkan kawasan ni berbukit-bukit, hongeh yang amat. Hampir cramp tapi Mamat ajak layan cadence sampai hilang la cramp tu. 34km pertama penat mungkin sebab tak cukup tenaga dan gap makan yang jauh sebelum waktu mula kayuh. Mujur dapat singgah kedai beli 100Plus baru lah boleh meneruskan kayuhan dengan lebih rileks. Motivasi malam ni, mencuba jam Garmin Fenix 3 =)

Route : Sekitar Bukit Mahkota (panjat bukit tangki air 2 kali) – Bangi Avenue – Bangi Lama – Impian Putra – Bandar Sri Putra – Bangi Lama – Bukit Bangi Avenue (via 99 Speedmart) – Bukit Mahkota

Screenshot 2015-05-26 10.55.03

  • Ride Name: Ronda Rondi Bukit Mahkota
  • Distance: 53.73 km
  • Elevation Gain: 675.5 m
  • Moving Time: 02:23:21
  • Location: Kajang Selangor

Screenshot 2015-05-26 10.58.08