Free DNS Service DOWN

Susah juge ni semua domain down isk padan la x bole masuk since last night 🙁

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A user of had a domain that around 7:30 AM PST came under attack, with many gigabits of malicious traffic at its peak directed to all DNS servers. The attack is still in progress at the time of this writing, but has been reduced significantly.

While attacks are not that unusual for, they are generally not this large as today.

Unfortunately – this exhausted every ounce of resource available for, and caused serious disruption for the site, and for innocent bystanders sites that are also using for their own sites.

So, after today’s eventful morning, I will be taking further measures to protect users by increasing the available nameserver pool size from 4, to at minimum 64, and begin allocating configurations to members in a way that minimizes overlapping configurations as much as possible.

Over time I have observed that much of the human based problematic events such as this one comes from (a relatively small set of) unpaid members, it is a sad truth. I will not stop providing the free portion of the service, but I am strongly leaning toward moving paid members to their own tier of servers.

While has not had a problem of this kind in a while, I’m going to reflect on this event and take measures to make the site better because of it.

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