How to Upgrade iPAQ Hx2000 series to WM6

My HX2750 on WM6.1

Since i’m very free today (no overtime, no more movies to watch for today, no syg this week šŸ™ ) so I’ve decided to get my iPAQ HX2750 upgraded to Windows Mobile 6.1 and it took me 30minutes to get things done. Here’s how it works :p

1) Download the WM6 ROM from here (
2) Uncompress the downloaded file & put it into this directory (C:wm6). I’m using wm6 as it’s folder name just to make sure there are no SPACES in the directory path.
3) Plug your iPAQ to cradle @ USBsync cable.
4) Get the device to Pre-BootLoader state by pressing iTask + Contacts + Reset button.
5) Then just run the C:wm6hpRUU.exe
6) Now you can get yourself a cup of Tongkat Ali and wait for it to flash your iPAQ šŸ™‚
7) After the flashing process has completed, let it reset on its own and you’ll get your precious iPAQ HX2000 series running on Windows Mobile 6.1 ! Yeay!


PS : Now my iPAQ is running faster on WM6 than my previous WM5 :p

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