About Him


Background and Experience

With over two decades of experience in the IT industry, Mohd Nordin Hussain stands as a venerated figure in the technological realm, particularly within Malaysia. His expertise spans across the financial services, government, and credit rating sectors, where he has left an indelible mark through his strategic and innovative approach to IT solutions.

Nordin’s current tenure as a Solution Architect at Logicalis has seen him design and implement many secure and compliant technology solutions, utilizing an extensive array of tools and technologies. His prowess in Microsoft Azure, Cisco, Fortinet, and various other platforms has enabled him to align IT ecosystems with stringent regulatory requirements such as those set by Bank Negara Malaysia and international standards like ISO27001 and PCI DSS.

As a team lead for Cloud Solutions, Nordin has demonstrated an exceptional ability to enhance and secure infrastructure for his clients, emphasizing the importance of compliance in every aspect of his work. His team specializes in SaaS solutions, ensuring enhanced productivity and efficiency for clients while staying abreast of the latest technological advancements.


Nordin’s commitment to excellence is further underscored by his impressive certifications, including Cisco Black Belt stages in Meraki Presales, SASE Presales, X-Sell Secure, and other areas. He holds Microsoft certifications in Security, Compliance, Identity Fundamentals, and Azure Fundamentals. His credentials as a Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) showcase his acumen in cybersecurity, while his certifications with Zscaler, LogicMonitor, and Fortinet highlight his expertise in secure network environments and cloud monitoring platforms.

Technologies and Compliance

A champion of compliance, Nordin has been instrumental in transitioning organizations to become process and procedure-driven. He has built solid IT teams, fostered cross-functional collaboration, and established technical integrations with more than 19 financial institutions, all while ensuring that IT infrastructure supports business operations securely and competently.

Past Projects and Contributions

Mohd Nordin Hussain’s past projects leverage various technologies that have contributed significantly to improving productivity for his clients and their respective industries. Here’s a technical breakdown of how these projects have enhanced productivity:

  1. Automated Prayer Alerts on Twitter (#WaktuSolat):
    • Technology: PHP, MySQL, Amazon Web Services (AWS), including EC2 and RDS.
    • Productivity Impact: Automates the dissemination of prayer times, eliminating manual checks and updates. This service improves the user experience for over a million followers by providing timely and accurate information enhancing personal time management.
  2. Malaysia Scuba Diving Community (MUW):
    • Technology: phpBB, LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) server environment.
    • Productivity Impact: Facilitates knowledge sharing and community support among divers, improving safety and technique through peer advice. This leads to a more informed diving community, potentially reducing accidents and fostering a collaborative environment for learning and sharing experiences.
  3. SSM e-Info Services:
    • Technology: PHP, clustered MySQL databases, FreeBSD, Ubuntu, Windows Server, multi-data centre infrastructure for disaster recovery planning (DRP).
    • Productivity Impact: Streamlines the process of acquiring statutory documents and company profiles, thus saving time for lawyers, company secretaries, and financial institutions. The system’s ability to handle high-value transactions efficiently contributes to the smooth financial operations of businesses.
  4. 1Malaysia IPTV:
    • Technology: Streaming technology across multiple platforms (iOS, Android, Smart TVs) and over-the-top (OTT) devices.
    • Productivity Impact: Provides a centralized platform for accessing various TV channels, which can be used for news, education, and information dissemination, reducing the need for multiple sources and devices.
  5. Celcom SMSChat 2323:
    • Technology: Integration of SMS with Internet Relay Chat (IRC), RedHat server, Unreal IRCD, Anope, MySQL database.
    • Productivity Impact: By combining SMS, WAP, and web interfaces, this service provides a unified communication platform, enhancing interaction and engagement among users without the need for specialized software or applications.
  6. Komuniti PHP-Nuke Malaysia:
    • Technology: PHP-Nuke, content management system (CMS).
    • Productivity Impact: Served as a resource hub for PHP developers, promoting self-help and reducing the learning curve for new developers. This community-driven initiative likely contributed to the growth of skilled programmers in Malaysia.
  7. Portal Perkahwinan.com.my:
    • Technology: Web-based content management and information dissemination.
    • Productivity Impact: Created a one-stop solution for wedding planning and information, significantly reducing couples’ time searching for vendors and resources, thus streamlining the planning process.

Through these projects, Nordin has demonstrated an acute ability to identify areas where technology can be applied to streamline processes, disseminate information efficiently, and enhance user engagement. By automating routine tasks, providing platforms for knowledge exchange, and creating centralized sources of information, these technologies drive productivity by saving time, reducing costs, and improving the flow of information.

Mohd Nordin Hussain’s certifications and experience with compliance are invaluable assets in designing better solutions for customers of Logicalis, not just in Malaysia but also on a regional and global scale. Here’s how his qualifications translate into superior solutions:

  1. Depth of Knowledge in Security and Compliance:
    • Certifications from Cisco, Microsoft, VMware, EC-Council, Zscaler, LogicMonitor, and Fortinet provide Nordin with a comprehensive understanding of security and compliance landscapes.
    • For instance, his Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) certification implies proficiency in identifying and defending against vulnerabilities, which is critical for developing secure systems.
  2. Alignment with Regulatory Requirements:
    • Nordin’s experience with Bank Negara’s Risk Management in Technology, ISO27001, PCI DSS, WebTrust, etc., means he is well-versed in local and international standards.
    • This knowledge allows him to ensure that the solutions he architects for Logicalis’ customers are designed with compliance at their core, which is particularly vital for multinational clients who must navigate various regulatory environments.
  3. Risk Management Expertise:
    • A deep understanding of risk management, derived from his compliance experience, enables Nordin to foresee potential security and compliance risks in IT projects.
    • He can design solutions that mitigate current risks and are scalable and adaptable to future compliance requirements, thus protecting customers from potential breaches and non-compliance penalties.
  4. Industry-Specific Solutions:
    • Having worked across diverse industries, Nordin can tailor solutions that meet the unique compliance needs of different sectors, such as finance, government, or agriculture.
    • His certifications indicate he can implement industry-specific best practices, ensuring that solutions are compliant and optimized for each customer’s operational context.
  5. Secure Cloud Implementations:
    • With certifications in Azure and other cloud technologies, he can create secure cloud infrastructures that adhere to cloud security best practices, which is crucial for customers migrating to or operating in the cloud.
    • His knowledge ensures that Logicalis’ cloud solutions are robust against threats and compliant with data protection regulations, which is a selling point for businesses concerned with cloud security.
  6. Building Trust with Customers:
    • As businesses increasingly rely on IT service providers to guide them through complex compliance landscapes, Nordin’s credentials position him as a trusted advisor.
    • His ability to communicate complex compliance requirements in actionable terms can help build stronger relationships with customers, reassuring them that their IT infrastructure is in capable hands.
  7. Global Compliance Acumen:
    • Certifications from global entities and experience with international compliance standards make him an asset for Logicalis’ customers operating in multiple countries.
    • He can craft solutions that comply with Malaysian regulations and are adaptable to the compliance frameworks of other regions, which is essential for global enterprises.

In summary, Nordin’s certifications and compliance experience allow him to deliver secure, compliant solutions tailored to the business needs and regulatory environments of Logicalis’ customers, enhancing their operational efficiency, security posture, and ability to scale globally.