Privacy Policy

Welcome to the Magical Realm

🌟 Who Am I? In the vast universe of the internet, my digital castle is, a place where tech and creativity meet.

📜 The Chronicles of Comments:

  • When noble visitors like you inscribe their thoughts in our Comment Scrolls, I gather the magical runes (aka the data) shown in the comment form.
  • I also capture your digital footprint (IP address) and the wand you use (browser type) to ward off mischievous spam dragons.
  • Your email, transformed into an enigmatic hash, might be sent to the Gravatar wizards to check if you’re one of their mystic members.

📸 The Gallery of Mystical Images:

  • If you choose to add images to our gallery, remember to erase the secret paths (EXIF GPS data) so that the location of your hidden treasures remains a mystery.

🍪 The Cookie Cauldron:

  • My cauldron brews cookies to remember your noble name, email, and realm (website) if you leave a comment, making your next visit smoother.
  • When you cross the threshold of my login portal, a temporary cookie checks if your wand accepts my magic.
  • Stay logged in with my long-lasting cookies, and tailor your viewing scroll to your liking.

🧙‍♂️ Enchanted Content from Other Realms:

  • My articles may include portals (embedded content) to other magical realms. Remember, stepping through these portals is like visiting those realms directly.

🔮 With Whom I Share Your Secrets:

  • Should you forget the spell to access your account (password reset), your IP address will journey along with your reset email.

🌙 How Long I Guard Your Secrets:

  • Comments and their mystical essences are kept forever in my enchanted archives.
  • If you’re a registered mage, your personal spells and incantations are safe with me, editable at your command.

🌌 Your Sovereign Rights:

  • You, as a traveler of my realm, can request a star map of your data journey with me or ask me to dissolve your digital essence from my realms.

🛡️ Guardians of Your Journey:

  • To shield my realm from spam goblins, your comments may pass through the automated eyes of my spam detection guardians.

Welcome to my enchanted world, where your digital footprint is safeguarded with the utmost care, wrapped in the cloak of creativity and magic! 🌌✨