Code Again. Code More. Contribute More.

My programming/coding activity has been slow (almost none) since changed my job for the past 2 years **sigh. And due to the no-bot campaign by Elon Musk on Twitter, there goes my #waktuSolat too **double-sigh.

My current role as Solution Architect requires me to write technical proposals and decks more with presentations to the customers. Good thing is I’m nearer to the products and do more hands-on rather than relying on another party to satisfy my technical cravings for knowledge.

Bit sad thinking about the codes I’ve been producing and written for the past 20 years didn’t even got the chance to be seen by the public. Mostly because they’re meant for work and highly confidential. And kept in private repository servers.

At the current company, I do have some chance to maintain my programming skills since the technologies I’m working closely with have their own REST API SDK, mostly for automation and integration. But not as an active contributor but rather to understand better and exploring the capabilities of the API endpoints.

For example, Cisco Meraki has their own API libraries to manage their equipment and retrieve data from their dashboards. Maybe can have some use-case for IOT using readily available Meraki equipment in the office 🙂

Besides Meraki, I also got chance to work with LogicMonitor’s REST API with a customer to retrieve informations and displayed in Microsoft PowerBI for reporting. Maybe later can share more how it’s being done (of course, without sharing the customer’s identity and project).

Maybe later, can share how I use my programming knowledge to work with ARM templates (Azure Resource Manager), and Terraform on Azure.

Berapa lama boleh tahan misi ni? Kena istiqomah. Cari reason. Strong reason. For self motivation. For the benefit of all. InsyaAllah.

Thank you to Latfy and Akmal for the advise.

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