STRAVA Annual Report For Year 2023

Alhamdulillah. Mileages for cycling maybe more or less the same as 2022 but tried different approach of my cycling activities. Added some weight training and increase of focused cycling workouts with help of Zwift. And started running consistently (5-10km) every running session. Going for holiday or travel pun bawak pair of shoes dengan baju lari saja.

Dulu rasa berlari ni aku rasa impossible untuk dibuat, maybe because the fear of getting injuries again from my left knee (meniscus totally worn out and removed back in year 2014 due to excessive volleyball trainings and tournaments with insufficient muscle strength), but this time alhamdulillah tak mustahil sebenarnya. Istiqomah. Disiplin. Kenali diri. Tahu kelemahan. Try do things right. Cari bahan bacaan bersesuaian. Cari tok guru. Tak payah nak sibuk nak impress orang lain or seek attention with pace 3/4/5, lari HM FM. Dapat focus 5KM or 10KM run & finish strong pun dah cukup elok.

Nak masuk event cycling / running pun dah kena picky. Not feasible kalau nak masuk banyak. So i will enter kalau berbaloi. No more funrun funride. Lagipun bila dah signup for event, kena commit for training. Takat jadi finisher saja with same route yang boleh buat sendiri, takpayah buang duit for event registration. Unless i want to get PB or nak test kemampuan diri.

So for 2023, aku cuma masuk 3 event saja, SCKLM, Powerman, & Putrajaya Night Marathon. Most probably this year will do the same too (dah daftar Powerman 2024 masa Super Early Bird 😅).

This year for 2024, insyaAllah maintain same workout routine, add resistance bands workout pulak. Senang nak workout anywhere anytime dengan band ni. Mudah2an.

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