FinOps and Azure! Understanding what FinOps is and why we care

The video discusses the concept of FinOps and its application in Azure cloud services. It explains the shift from capital expenditure (CapEx) to operational expenditure (OpEx) in cloud computing and the importance of financial operations (FinOps) in managing cloud costs effectively. John Savill emphasizes the need for accountability, visibility, and control over cloud resources to ensure that spending aligns with business value. The video also covers the use of Azure tools like cost management, budgets, and Azure Policy to maintain governance and optimize cloud spending.

  • 00:00Introduction to FinOps
    • Explains the shift from CapEx to OpEx
    • Highlights the need for financial governance in the cloud
    • Discusses the decentralization of resource creation
  • 06:01The Goal of FinOps
    • Aims to bring insight and accountability to cloud resources
    • Utilizes policies and tags for governance
    • Focuses on understanding and controlling cloud spend
  • 14:03Azure Cost Management Tools
    • Demonstrates how to use Azure cost management for spend analysis
    • Emphasizes the importance of tagging for cost attribution
    • Shows how to create budgets and set alerts for cost control
  • 23:00Enforcing Accountability with Azure Policy
    • Details the use of Azure Policy to enforce tagging
    • Explains how tagging enables cost tracking and accountability
    • Describes the connection between resource usage and business value
  • 29:13Monitoring, Tracking, and Optimization
    • Discusses the importance of monitoring and tracking spending
    • Introduces Azure Advisor for cost optimization recommendations
    • Highlights the role of budgets and alerting in cost management

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